Latest technology married with timeless styling

Vredestein is a leader in the segment of classic tyres with good reason. Recent upgrades to our programme and the application of silica in the products will increase this lead over the competition.

It will not have escaped car fans that the popularity of classic cars has increased enormously over recent years. Their owners are all serious enthusiasts who only want the best for their prized cars. Vredestein offers them a broad range to choose from. The Vredestein Grip Classic, Vredestein Sprint Classic and Vredestein Snow Classic mean that there is a Vredestein tyre for almost any vintage car, whether a Volkswagen Beetle, a fast Aston Martin DB5 or a stately Bentley. Vredestein’s modern technology ensures greater efficiency, economy and safety for every vehicle.

Improved safety thanks to new compound with silica
The use of silica in the tread is a major innovation and a step forward in terms of safety. This new compound ensures a better grip in both dry and wet conditions: braking distances are shorter, handling is better and traction is improved in all conditions. In addition, rolling resistance is lower, as are the noise levels. Moreover, the sidewalls of all tyres from the Classic Line now have a characteristic, classic design while the size range has been adapted to market demand, increasing our focus on European cars.


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