Distinctly European


Established in the Netherlands in 1908, we are European by birth and international by standard. Our rich European heritage provides us with the roots of our first innovations, the testing grounds for our future breakthroughs and a place we can always call home.

Europe is a continent known for its excellence in design and engineering. A place where innovation is second nature and the pace of progress is second to none. Our European heritage is what has driven us to evolve and design pioneering first-class tyre technology and what inspires us to go the extra mile.

European Design:

Europe is synonymous with automotive and design excellence. The diversity of the landscape, the unpredictability of our weather and the standards set across the industry allow for truly brilliant design to emerge, and we are no exception. Our tyres are designed to tame the roads of Europe and adapt to its wild nature in any conditions and on any surface. Our European heritage is what has enabled us to produce tyres which are sleek, safe, durable and provide our drivers with the power and control to reach their full potential.

A potential which is not only about performance, but style. Our partnerships with leading European designs including Italian automotive design, Giorgetto Giugiaro, and Dutch car designer, Niels van Rioj, have allowed us to excel in both aesthetic and substance.

European Manufacturing:

We have been manufacturing first-class tyres in the Netherlands for over a century and are dedicated to preserving our European production for the next. Our tyres have been manufactured in the Netherlands since Vredestein began and continue to do so from our production hub in Enschede, operating since 1952. Whilst in 2017, we enhanced our production capacity with the opening of our plant in Gyöngyöshalász, Hungary, the most high-tech production outlet in our history. Welcoming a new division of high-performance, efficient European manufacturing for Vredestein.