The Vredestein Traxion+ and Vredestein TraxionXXL tyres received major recognition

The Vredestein Traxion+ and Vredestein TraxionXXL tyres received major recognition during the recent Agritechnica agricultural trade show in Hanover. Both tyres were extensively tested by the German testing and research institute DLG and awarded the highly respected designation ‘DLG certified’ based on the results.

* Traxion+, leader in the premium segment.
* Traxion XXL 710/75 R 38 offers 7.5% more efficient than reference tyre.

The excellent test results of the Vredestein Traxion+ and Vredestein TraxionXXL place the two tyres among the higher echelons of premium brands. Both tyres were tested on a Claas Axion 850 in the spring and summer of 2015.


The Vredestein Traxion+ was tested in sizes 650/65 R 42 and 540/65 R 30 and compared to two competitors from the European premium segment. Important test criteria included fuel consumption in the field and on the road, productivity, comfort and traction. The Vredestein tyres had the best results in nearly all test segments and overall.

The Vredestein TraxionXXL, in the unique size 710/75 R 38, was compared to the reference size 710/70 R 38. The test criteria focused on performance in the field (fuel consumption, productivity, traction). The test showed that the Vredestein TraxionXXL 710/5 R 38 with corresponding 28-inch front tyre provided a significantly better performance with a 7.5% higher efficiency.

The Vredestein TraxionXXL 710/75 R 38
It was late 2013 when Vredestein first introduced the 710/75R38 TraxionXXL with a sidewall height that is 75 per cent of the tyre width. This gives a diameter of two metres, placing it exactly in between the lower 710/70 R 38 and higher 710/70 R 42. The tyre was specifically developed for powerful tractors upwards of 175 hp. Major benefits include the fact that it can be easily used on the cabin of most tractors without adaptations, and fits onto the same 38 inch wheels. The larger diameter provides more traction, while the larger air content ensures that the tyres offer around 600 kg more load capacity at 50 km/h compared to the 710/70 R 38.

About DLG
The DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft) Test Centre in Groβ Umstadt, near Frankfurt, is the benchmark for certified agricultural technology and equipment, and is a leader in testing and certification in agriculture (as well as food products). Using modern measuring technologies and testing methods that closely resemble the situation in the field, DLG engineers test new products on a daily basis. The measurements are based on international standards as well as testing methods based on practical requirements developed by DLG.

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