Recent testing by the independent German test institute DLG has confirmed Vredestein Traxion tyres to be a far more economical option than competitor tractor tyres over their lifetime. In fact, the results proved that the Vredestein Traxion XXL has a 50% longer lifespan, which ultimately results in a saving of 1 euro per operational hour per tractor.

DLG fitted Vredestein Traxion XXL tyres and tyres from a premium competitor on six John Deere 6215R tractors in Germany. To assure the results were comparable, each tractor was fitted with the JD Link, a system which logs the work and position of the tractor. The tyre sizes tested were in the popular combination 710/70 R 42 rear and 600/70 R 28 front. DLG found that the Vredestein Traxion XXL had an over 50% longer lifespan compared to the premium


These results show that Vredestein Traxion tyres provide a longer operating lifespan and savings of 1 euro per operational hour,” says Ruud Nijland, Division Head Off Highway Tyres at Apollo Vredestein. “For a contractor this could easily translate into 1,000 euros per tractor per year, something which Vredestein customers have already known for years.”

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