Introducing Pinza AT

Vredestein Pinza AT is a tyre that delivers both style and substance, making it a great choice for drivers looking for all-terrain performance. With its bold, aggressive styling, the Pinza AT is a great choice for drivers who want to enhance the look of their SUV or pickup truck.


Vredestein Pinza AT - New Tyre Launch


  • All weather grip in varied conditions
  • Excellent stability on-road
  • Quieter ride with exceptional on-road experience
  • Ruggedized for hard work and hard play


  • 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake marked, with 5th generation polymer blend providing outstanding wet weather stability with full depth interlocking sipes
  • Wider tread pattern, increased tread stiffness, and four herringbone grooves for water evacuation
  • Low noise tread design with groove multi-pitch technology
  • Jointless Hexabead technology, self-cleaning tread, high tensile steel belts with a cut and chip resistant compound

Advanced Technology

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