The tyres are the only parts of a car that make contact with the road surface. Good tyres are therefore very important. Not only for stability and safety, but also the handling of the car is highly dependent on the tyres.



Summer tyres come in all shapes and sizes. Which summer tyre you need depends on the car. A car designed for extra comfort needs a comfortable tyre. With a sports car you want a wider and extra sticky tyre for high cornering speeds, optimal steering precision and suitable for extra high speeds. And then there are also (company) cars that are used intensively as a workhorse. Then you want a robust and durable tyre that performs well under heavy loads.

In short, for the best summer tyre you first have to ask yourself what type of car they are for and what you mainly use that car for. With that information you can make the best choice. You also have to take your own preferences into account when choosing other rims. As a rule, the larger the rim size, the flatter the tyre and the stiffer it feels. Perfect for sporty cars, but not if you value suspension comfort. Then choose a smaller rim with a higher tyre.

‘’Vredestein is a premium tyre manufacturer that only produces high-quality tyres with excellent values ​​on all components.’’



The actual performance of car tyres is highly dependent on the tyre brand. While the cheapest tyres score reasonably well on all aspects of the mandatory tyre label, they fall short when it comes to vehicle control, steering precision and performance in winter conditions such as snow.

The tyre label shows at a glance the performance of the tyres in terms of fuel consumption, safety (grip and braking distance) and noise production. The wear is not indicated on the tyre label, but keep in mind that in some cases cheap tyres can wear out faster and therefore need to be replaced sooner than more expensive tyres.



Vredestein is a premium tyre manufacturer that only produces high quality tyres with excellent values ​​on all components. A good example is the new Vredestein Ultrac Satin. This high-quality summer tyre uses state-of-the-art technology and has been developed for demanding drivers of luxury cars and SUVs. The tyre was developed by the Apollo Tyres Global R&D Center and designed by the Italian design agency Giugiaro.




Cars with a conventional combustion engine, plug-in hybrids and electric cars are becoming heavier and more powerful. This development has led Apollo Vredestein to further pioneer with innovative and sustainable tyre technology, resulting in the new Vredestein Ultrac Satin with only green tyre labels.

Did you know that Apollo Vredestein also specializes in tyres for classic cars? With no fewer than five types of 'Classic tyres', Apollo Vredestein is a leading tyre supplier in the classic car world and also strongly linked to the Mille Miglia, the world famous and extremely prestigious racing event with classic cars.

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