Are Run Flat Tyres Worth the Investment? A Comprehensive Analysis

04 22,2024


Flat tyres are the most annoying situations one can face on the road or while driving. From looking for help to getting late for your destination, it brings no good and just disrupts everything for you. The advancements in the automobile industry have brought a lot of solutions to prevent you from such situations and allow you to enjoy the comfort you expect from your vehicle. One such solution is a run-flat tyre. If you do not know what are run flat tyres, continue reading this post. 

This article by the Vredestein team is a detailed look into the run flat tyres. It is a comprehensive analysis of these tyres to help you understand whether these tyres are worth the investment or not. Let’s first get to know what are run flat tyres. 


What are Run Flat Tyres?

You must have got a brief idea about these tyres by their name. Yes, you guessed it right. A run flat tyres is a tyre that is capable of supporting a vehicle on the road even after a puncture. Unlike regular tyres, run flats do not lose all internal pressure right after they get punctured. 

Run flat tyres allow you to run your vehicle only for certain kilometres just to help you reach a garage conveniently to get it repaired. You must not mistakenly think that you can indefinitely drive with punctured run flat tyres. These tyres run only around 50 miles after a puncture, which is more than enough to seek professional assistance in most cases. So, the simple rule and definition of run flat tyres is that they are not puncture free. Also, you cannot indefinitely drive on punctured run flat tyres. But they support you on the road in case of punctures for a certain amount of time. 

Can you drive a car with a flat tyre? Even if you get run flat tyres, you cannot drive your car with flat tyres for long. 


Types of Run Flat Tyres

Run flat tyres are of the following two types. 

  • Self-Supporting- These tyres work using reinforced sidewalls. They have a thicker sidewall that makes the tyres much harder to puncture. 

  • Support Ring- These run flat tyres work using a ring of thick rubber. The rubber encircles the rim and does not scrape against the ground when the tyre loses pressure. 

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Can you Mix Run Flat and Normal Tyres?

Although there are no strict rules that restrict the mixing of tyres, Vredestein experts always recommend not mixing tyres. If you are using a run flat tyre, all the other tyres must be the same. This is because mixing tyres can significantly impact the performance of your vehicle. 

Run flat tyres are designed especially to perform differently from regular tyres. They have the ability to drive around 50 miles after a puncture at reduced speeds. However, when you mix them with conventional tyres, the handling of your vehicle gets affected. This will lead to a loss of grip on the road. Run flat tyres have stiffer sidewalls and construction. Therefore, their response to steering and braking is much different than the conventional tyres. 

Mixing tyres can cause an imbalance in handling a vehicle. You will not be able to have full control over the vehicle, which might lead to dangerous situations. Drivers and vehicle owners must understand that the tyres fitted in a vehicle must all be the same for top-notch performance of a vehicle and safety. Here are some car tyre safety and maintenance tips that you check out. 

Using the right type of tyres for a vehicle is one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining its efficiency. This is because tyres affect the overall stability, handling, braking distance and performance of the vehicle. You can consult our experts to find the right type of tyres for your vehicle and enhance its performance. 

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In the End - H2

Run flat tyres are a great innovation in the world of automobiles. They are especially beneficial for new cars. However, you must be very careful about not driving your vehicle more than 50 miles after a puncture, even with these tyres. Also, never mix tyres in a vehicle. Using these tyres with conventional ones can pose a threat to your safety. Vredestein offers the best tyres for premium cars and SUVs. So, get new ones for your vehicle to enhance its performance and enjoy every drive. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


How long do run flat tyres last?

After a puncture, run flat tyres can run up to 50 miles. However, they must never be used in a punctured state after 50 miles as they can be dangerous for you. 


How to identify run flat tyres?

Run flat tyres look the same as conventional tyres. However, they have special markings on their sidewalls that indicate their run-flat capabilities. Look for terms like Run flat, SSR, RFT or ROF on the sidewalls.


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