Vredestein’s e-bike tyres are exceptionally well-balanced. Because the compounds were developed based on our expertise in car tyre technology, our e-bike tyres are suitable for speeds of up to around the 50 km/h mark.

Extra anti-puncture layer

The Vredestein Perfect E-Power (heavier e-bikes) and Perfect xtreme (commuting and touring) are the most popular Vredestein tyres for e-bikes. Both have been equipped with an extra 3 mm anti-puncture layer.

Safety in all weather conditions

Vredestein also added this puncture protection to the Perfect 4 Seasons, a tyre which offers superb grip in all weather conditions, even heavy rain and snow. The e-bike tyres in the Vredestein range have all been extensively tested and come with ECE-R75 certification, indicating that they retain their performance at high speeds too.


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